It happened again today. TOO MUCH SALT!

I try to minimise my salt consumption. It's bad enough for the blood pressure, having to eat delicious meals and taste (sometimes even drink) hundreds of wines. So we use very little salt at home. My wife prefers more - she comes from a salty family. So we cook without (or with very little), and she adds salt at table if she wants more.

But some chefs LOVE salt. Often they're happy to admit this. I don't know whether it's part of their training, or personal preference. I just wish they wouldn't inflict their salt habit on me!

Today's example was a magnificent fish soup, complete with rouille, grated Gruyère cheese and croutons. Wonderfully intense in flavour. I'd count myself lucky if I found a fish soup as good anywhere in the south of France. But, way too salty. Even too salty for my wife. Then there was yummy crackling on the main course of belly pork, but, again, too salty!

There was salt on the table (very posh-looking, possibly Maldon), so it wasn't that the chef felt everyone should be happy with his level of seasoning. Not one of those snooty restaurants where you worry you'd be thrown out if you dared ask for salt or pepper. But the idea of adding even more salt?!

2 weeks ago, we were eating at a lovely hotel in north-eastern Portugal. One of the starters we ordered was beef carpaccio. It arrived looking beautiful, with a few little green leaves, some seeds of pomegranate, shaved Parmesan and, of course, great Portuguese olive oil. But thickly scattered with crystals of rock salt. We couldn't finish the plate, and the memory makes me reach for a glass of water.

Please, chefs! You may like salt. You may have been taught that all dishes should be seasoned with salt. But remember your customer can add salt if he wants to, but he can't take it away! Use a light hand, for the sake of non salt-addicts. Over-use of salt seriously spoils my enjoyment of the very finest food. And I'm not sure it helps my blood pressure.